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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Turning Your Empty HP 45A Inkjet Cartridges Into Cash

Looking to save the planet by helping to keep non biodegradable plastic out of landfills? Looking to earn cash, rather than merely rewards for overpriced merchandise? Are you a member of the PTA, are you involved with another charitable foundation that might be looking for an idea to start a fundraiser, are you a direct mail company, a newspaper or a packaging company? Maybe, you work for a large corporation looking for ideas to push green initiatives. In either of these cases, we know we can help you make some spare cash from your empty HP 45A ink jet cartridges, including those tagged: HP 51645A, C6168A, C6169A, C6170A, C6173A, C6195A, C8842A, Collins Complete, Collins Max 3, Colorlabs, ... (At this time we are only accepting water-based cartridges. We are not accepting the Collins Max 2 solvent-based cartridge). Simply save 100, or more, empty HP 45A inkjet cartridges. Put them into roughly 12 x 12 x 12 corrugated boxes for return to us, making certain the copper sensors are protected with a clip or have been put into a sealed plastic bag to prevent leakage, weigh each box and give us a call at: 610-935-8767. We will quote you current pricing we are paying for empties, plus, we will email you FedEx labels to return your empty ink cartridges to us - FREE OF CHARGE. Upon receipt of your package/s, we will clean and inspect all ink cartridges. Those found able to be recycled will either have a credit issued to an existing account with us, or we can forward you a check with an inspection report. It's all that simple.