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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Are you a commercial printer, a business or a school district looking to recycle or an individual just seeking an extra way to earn a few extra bucks? We are a recycling facility and we want to introduce you to our "Cash For Trash" program. Specifically, we are seeking Virgin or OEM (Original equipment manufacturer’s), or remanufactured HP 45, HP 45A or HP 51645A empty ink cartridges. We will also accept HP or Kao Collins, Inc. empty cartridges that could go by a variety of other names including, but not limited to: C6195A, C8842A, TWK1386, TWK1396 - these are all codes for different inks, used by commercial printers and direct mail houses, but housed within the same HP 45A designed inkjet cartridge. Simply call or text us at: 610-733-4157 when you have (50) or more empties saved and securely packaged in a box so that no leakage may happen from remaining ink in any cartridge. (FedEx does not like leaking boxes). Once you give us the weight on each box you may have, your location and email address, we will forward you a FREE FedEx Return label to return your empties to our facility. Upon receipt, we will clean and inspect each cartridge. We do not pay for defective cartridges, so this is why an inspection must be done - we want to make sure that the copper circuitry performs correctly. (Inspections go smoother when the print heads of each cartridge is protected. Some companies are given clips to protect these sensitive print heads). Inspections, generally, take 2-3 weeks. We sometimes can get thousands of empties back in the course of a month, so please be patient - a check will be sent to you after your inspection has been completed. We pay $1.00 each for any good OEM empty and $ .75 each for any good remanufactured empty ink cartridge. We only accept the HP 45A designed ink cartridge. We are looking for no other empties. We are ONLY accepting purchases from companies in The United States of America! It's that simple!!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Will A Remanufactured Cartridge Void My Warranty?

More times than we can count, we have had a potential customer tell us that they cannot buy recycled or compatible inkjet cartridges, toner cartridges, mail addressing ink or copier cartridges because the manufacturer, or their maintenance service provider, informed them that it would void their printer warranty. Neither the manufacturer of the printer, nor a service technician for your equipment, by law, is allowed to tell you this. If you are told this, ask them to put it in writing. You might have grounds to take legal action against them, as anyone who claims this is in violation of The Sherman and Clayton Antitrust Law, as well as Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. Free choice of vendor allows for competition and keeps prices affordable. Printer manufacturers are aware of lower priced ink and toner supplies, but many would prefer you purchase direct from them, as their profit margins are higher on ink branded with their company name. Service technicians who also market ink may pad the service agreement to make it appear that you are getting the best pricing on ink, when in fact the opposite may be true. Threatening to void warranties and add additional service call charges for use of compatible toner or recycled ink cartridges manufactured by anyone else are their way of trying to limit competition. Save this information to protect yourself against these illegal actions.